Can You Increase Your Claim’s Settlement Value With the Right Medical Treatment?

Your special medical damages will be crucial in your settlement if you’re ever involved in a personal injury accident. Most insurance adjusters’ factor in medical special damages when calculating your final settlement amount. The details of your post-accident medical claim will significantly determine how the insurance company values your claim. Many variables are included in the formula. These are:

• How you’re being healed by the doctor
• The type of treatment you’re receiving
• The types of doctors who are treating you

Types of Medical Treatment

Insurance adjusters value some types of medical treatment more than others. So, it’s important to understand more about the different types of medical treatment. The medical provider must diagnose you with an ailment or condition before he or she can begin to treat you. The process is generally quick. It tends to be relatively inexpensive as well. The insurance adjuster will lump your diagnosis and treatment costs together in this instance.

You may have a more complex condition or injury that will require your doctor to run many tests and exams to diagnose. You’ll probably get a huge diagnosis bill if that’s the case. Your injury may be minor and require minimal treatment. You’ll still have huge doctor’s bills because of the lengthy and complex diagnosis process. The insurance adjuster may use a lower multiple since your actual treatment didn’t cost much.

Medical Doctors and Hospitals Versus Non-Medical Doctors

The insurance adjuster will use a higher multiple if you see an actual medical doctor than a physical therapist or an acupuncturist. It doesn’t matter if the treatment was just as effective. The insurance adjuster is prejudiced toward treatment by real doctors.

Physical Therapy

It’s common for people to see physical therapists if they’ve been hurt in an accident. Don’t be surprised if your insurance adjuster lumps expenses for physical therapy in with other medical bills. Also, don’t be surprised if the adjuster uses a lower multiple if most of your expenses went to physical therapy.

The reason is that adjusters think physical therapists would never stop seeing patients if they could. Your adjuster will probably use an even lower multiple if you see a physical therapist on your own.

If You’re Treated by an Alternative Healer

Your insurance adjuster will use an even lower multiple when calculating your settlement if you are treated by an alternative healer. The only exception is if your doctor referred you to that person. Examples of alternative healers are:

• Chiropractors
• Acupuncturists/Acupressure
• Herbalists
• Masseuses
• Others

Insurance adjusters will use a higher multiple if you’re being treated for a long time by a licensed doctor. The same may not be true if you use an alternative healer. That is why it is essential that you discuss everything with your personal injury lawyer in Whitby to file a strong claim.

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