Degree To Which Driver’s Impairment Could Affect Determination of Liable Party

Someone that has caused an accident after getting behind the steering wheel, while remaining under the influence of alcohol or drugs could face severe consequences. He or she could become the target of criminal prosecution. In addition, he or she could have a driver’s license suspended, or face the likelihood for being hit with a demand for coverage of the resulting damages.

The increased likelihood that the impaired driver could be held liable for damages indicates that not all impaired drivers would suffer that particular fate.

The injury lawyer in Whitby knows that the amount of evidence that could be used to prove the same driver’s negligence would determine the extent to which the likely outcome might become a reality.

That evidence would need to prove the existence for all the elements of negligence. In fact, it usually does.

—The rules of the road make it clear that all drivers are supposed to care about the safety of other motorists. That is their duty.
—Anyone that has chosen to drive, while under the influence of drugs of alcohol has breached his or her recognized duty.
—The careless actions of someone that is DUI (driving while under the influence) normally cause the sort of accident that gets linked directly to marked and measurable damages.

The parents of a young person that has been involved in an accident involving an impaired driver ought to consult an attorney.

There could be damages that the parent had not considered.

—Maybe the injured young person had to forego some sort of educational opportunity. That would be a loss. A loss qualifies as damage.
—Perhaps the same injured person had to undergo an invasive treatment. Sometimes such a treatment can increase the chances for development of an infection. Depending on when such an infection might show up, it could interrupt an educational or work experience.
—It takes time to correct an internal infection. That corrective procedure would qualify as a future medical treatment. A good attorney should insist on adding the cost of such a treatment to the list of the accident-linked expenses.
–Due to the victim’s young age, the statute of limitations could be changed. The deadline for submitting a personal injury complaint could be extended to a point 2 year’s past the injured young person’s 18th birthday.

Following celebration of that young person’s 18th birthday, the retained lawyer could work with the recovered and young adult, in order to prepare and file a complaint. In that way, the youth that had been affected by a bad accident could gain a fair compensation. Otherwise, the same youth could face a future that might get filled with the repeated introduction of situations that created a need for unnecessary sacrifices.

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