Do Insurance Companies Hire Private Investigators?

Don’t get worried or feel uncomfortable if the defendant or your insurance company has hired a private investigator to examine your personal injury case further. Their investigation will be confined to the case itself. You need to understand the exact role that private investigators play in personal injury cases since there’s a good chance that your insurance company will hire one.

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Understand Why Your Insurance Company Hired a Private Investigator

You may think your insurance company has no right to hire a private investigator to work on your case. In reality, the insurance company is just doing due diligence. That’s especially the case if the insurance company requires the private investigator to follow certain guidelines about your case.

The private investigator will research your case and present lifestyle thoroughly and deeply to determine if it’s legitimate. Insurance companies use private investigators when the potential settlement amount and the risk of fraud are high.

Don’t be surprised if the private investigator starts to scrutinize your social media presence. Other things about you that he or she might examine are:

● Following you around in public to see how you are
● Looking at your public records
● Take photos of you in public areas
● Look at what you’re doing professionally or businesswise
● Talk to people you know
● Look up your criminal background

What Private Investigators are Looking Out For

They want to ensure that your bodily injuries and property damage are as bad and devastating as you say they are. You may say that your injury at work caused permanent back damage and partial disability. A private investigator will look at your social media profiles or may shadow you at work to see if that is true.

Ideally, you don’t want the private investigator to find anything that can contradict your case. Remember that using dirt that’s not true can backfire on the insurance company and even strengthen your case.

What Private Investigators are Not Allowed to Access

Since private investigators aren’t doing a criminal investigation on you, there are certain things that they can’t access. For example, they can’t access things that can invade your privacy. They also can’t come to your home unless you give them permission or invite them in.

They are not allowed to do the following:

● Wiretap your phone
● Take pictures or videos through the windows of your house.
● Come onto your property without your permission
● Impersonate the police
● Obtain confidential information without your permission.
● Impersonate someone close to you.

Professional private investigators stay far away from you and don’t interfere with your personal life, so you will probably not even know that they’re investigating you.

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