How Insurance Coverage Plays Role In Determining Outcome For Car Accident Cases

The consumer that buys a car insurance policy expects the insurance company to cover the cost of any car repairs, as well as any accident-linked, medical expenses.

Insurance determines the amount of money available to the policyholder

The policy’s terms specify the limits of the promised coverage. The type of insurance carried by the driver also affects the amount of money available to an accident victim. Some drivers carry the uninsured driver’s option. That assures them of coverage, in the event that the responsible driver is uninsured. While other drivers carry the underinsured motorist option. That covers a gap of a designated size, if the responsible motorist has failed to purchase a policy with extensive liability coverage.

Drivers that take the proper actions, following a collision, enjoy the chance to obtain a larger amount of money, as compensation.

A smart motorist makes a point of sharing his/her name and contact information, and seeks the same facts from the other drivers. It is also a good idea to find out if any of the other drivers had received directions from an employer.

The motorists ask for the arrival of a police officer, and learn how to obtain a copy of the police report. Following the driver’s return to his/her residence, Injury Lawyer in Bowmanville recommend that same individual should contact his/her own insurance company.

Drivers’ obligations

—Help with the gathering of evidence
—Cooperate with own insurance company, if making a 1st party claim
—Seek medical assistance within the 24-hour period that has followed accident.

What could be consequences, if the responsible driver has purchased a policy with especially high limits?

In that case, the adjuster handling the claim would have a lot of money to play with. That fact could push the same adjuster to make every possible effort, in order to reduce the size of the payout.

The adjuster might check to see if there is some way for introducing a charge of shared blame on the part of the victim/claimant. That could reduce the size of the package that might be awarded to the claimant.

Claimants that have hired an attorney would have a way to fight any allegation of shared blame. Consequently, the lawyers for the opposing parties ought to be able to agree on settlement terms.

As a result, a wealthy car owner might expect a policy’s high limits to impede any victim’s attempt at obtaining an overly large compensation package. Yet, some victims might have severe injuries, and each of them would be deserving of a large compensation package.

The type of insurance carried influences the outcome for a given case, but it is not the sole influence on the size of any payout that might be made to a claimant.

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