How To Go After Full Compensation As Victim of Motorcycle Accident

It is a fact that a road accident can leave you with debilitating injuries, pain and suffering for a long time. That is because most of the vehicle are at a high speed and any collision leads to injuries and damage to the vehicle.

Any victim of a motorcycle accident should realize that the insurance companies stand ready to challenge claimants’ rights. As a claimant, you must understand how to protect your rights.

Actions to take at scene of accident

• Call police; that ensures the presence of details about the incident in the officer’s report.
• If you have a phone or digital camera available, take photographs of the scene.
• Exchange contact information with those involved in the accident, usually a motorist.
• Be sure to obtain the contact information of any witnesses, as well.
• Seek a medical evaluation

Actions to avoid at same scene

Do not remove your helmet.

Do not apologize; even avoid saying “I’m sorry.” If a motorist failed to see you, do not suggest that you were at-fault.

Actions to take in weeks immediately following accident

• Keep in touch with your own insurance company.
• Focus on providing others with consistent information.
• Consult with an attorney.

Get ready for a call from the insurance company of the other party. Get the name and contact information of the caller. Still, encourage the company’s employees to contact your lawyer in the future. Provide the caller with your lawyer’s contact information.

What to do while recovering from injury

Be sure that your lawyer has all the relevant details

—Those relating to the incident that had been reported by the police
—Those concerning your injuries and the prescribed treatment
—Those detailing your medical expenses and the value of your lost income

Consult with your injury attorney in Port Hope following each interaction that he/she has with the person that is representing the defendant. Get ready for the time when your attorney may offer advice, regarding whether or not you should accept the offer of a settlement. This time should arrive later in the course of the negotiations.

Know your rights and even if you were at-fault, you have a right to receive from your insurance company 2 years’ worth of coverage for your medical bills. If you were not at fault, then you have a right to the 2 years of coverage from your insurance, in addition to funds for pain and suffering, property damage and lost wages, all from the insurance company of the responsible party. You also have a right to seek punitive damages.

If you have been injured and need legal representation, it is essential to consult with a lawyer. This is because they can help you understand your rights and ensure that you receive the best possible care.

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